Monday, December 31, 2012

Have a delicious new year (and try Campioni)!

It's the time between Christmas and New Year, and it is often a time of relaxation, peacefulness and lots of good food. Delicious meals at home and also time to try new restaurants.
Several times I read about Campioni which is located in the tiny village of Kemnat, close to Stuttgart airport.
It is located in Kemnat's commercial area, inside a tennis club. Campioni is not an upscale restaurant, more a family friendly one with a cosy atmosphere. PRINZ' Stuttgart children's guide promised great pizza and pasta and a laid-back atmosphere.
So we went there and had to face a little disappointment as the wood stove was out of order and no pizza available. BUT then we tried salad, Penne arrabiata and also Panna Cotta (see pic below) - and were absolutely delighted! The bread, the oil, the food in general had such good quality and was cooked and arranged with skills and love, the service was nice and child friendly ... this is definitely a place to go! And in summer even more so, as there is a beer garden outside. Before or afterwards you can always take a walk in the fields right beside the restaurant.
Happy, joyful and delicious new year everybody!

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