Friday, January 25, 2013

A heavenly night!

Since December, the Sister Act Musical is in Stuttgart! It is performed in the SI Centrum, Apollo Theatre.
I went there yesterday with two friends - and we all loved it!
The costumes were so creative - especially the glittering nuns choir costumes! Such fun!
And then the scenery was made to such perfection - the church, bar police station, but especially the different church backgrounds were stunning.
The actors are very good - great voices and a very entertaining and fun play. The songs are entirely in German with good texts and melodies. The only dissapointment was the complete lack of the original movie songs like "If my sister's in trouble" or "I will follow him".
The audience was in a great mood and gave standing ovations at the end of the play.
Sister Act is definitely worth the money (and also the cheapest seats have really good view!).
More information and tickets here: Stage Entertainment
Watch the trailer (in German) to learn more about this fabulous play:

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  1. I love going to plays and musicals. Sounds like this one was pretty amazing. Glad you had the opportunity to go and enjoy yourself!